Welcome to St John's

  •                      St John's Church as concert venue October 2017 for the Maya Aneglou Cabaret for Freedom


    Welcome to St John the Evangelist, Old Trafford--an inclusive worshipping community in urban, diverse Manchester.

    On Sundays we worship at 8.30 in the chapel and at 10 in the nave. Join us too for Morning Prayer Mon-Thurs at 9 in the chapel beneath the bell tower. 

    This Saturday there will be an Advent quiet morning in church 10-12.30, followd by a carol concert for allcomers 7-9 n the evening. Julia Chernyavsky plays the piano. Come and sing with us. 




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    The Cabaret for Freedom held as part of Manchester Literature Festival and Black History Month was a great success with 350 attending and over £1,000 raised for the support of 'citizenless' refugees (that is those denied leave to stay in the UK, but unable to return 'home') Thanks to all who contributed so generously with talents and 'talents' in the bliblical sense too.

    Vestry Hour: Fridays, 6-7 pm: if you wish to speak with a priest, please call in. Appointment not necessary.

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