Welcome to St John's


    Welcome to St John the Evangelist, Old Trafford--an inclusive worshipping community in urban, diverse Manchester.

    On Sundays we worship at 8.30 in the chapel and at 10 in the nave. Join us too for Morning Prayer Mon-Thurs at 9 in the chapel beneath the bell tower. 

    40 days… the journey through Lent to Easter


    Feb 20 Night Prayer  @ 9 in the chapel

    Feb 21 Morning Prayer @ 9 in the chapel

    Singing in the hall @7.30

    Feb 22 Morning Prayer @ 9 in chapel.

    Feb 23 Evening Prayer @ 5.30 in chapel,

    followed by vestry hour

    Feb 25 2nd Sunday in Lent: Reflections: Shirley May poet and mentor

    After church: How are we creative alone and together?

    Feb 27 Night Prayer in the chapel @ 9pm Poetry by George Herbert

    Feb 28 Morning Prayer @ 9 in the chapel.

    Singing in the hall @ 7.30pm

    Mar 1  Morning Prayer @ 9 in the chapel

    Mar 2  Evening Prayer @ 5.30 pm

    Mar 4 3rd Sunday in Lent: Reflections about the Night Shelter, led by Emma Wilton and Elaine Eland

    Discussion: alone and together: on the street + in church?

    Mar 6 Night Prayer @ 9pm

    Mar 7 Morning Prayer @9pm in the chapel Singing in the hall @7.30pm

    Mar 9 No evening prayer or vestry hour

    Mar 11 4th Sunday in Lent: Mothering Sunday

    with flowers for all nurture and reflections

    After church:  eating alone and sharing Communion?

    Mar 14. Singing in the hall @ 7.30pm

    Mar 15 Night prayer @ 9pm in the chapel

    Mar 16 Evening Prayer @5.30pm Vestry Hour follows

    Mar 18  Passiontide begins. Holy Baptism @12

    Over tea: Why do seek a blessing and baptize children + adults?

    Mar 20 Night Prayer @ 9pm

    Mar 21 Morning Prayer @ 9am

    Singing in the hall @ 7.30pm

    Mar 22 Morning Prayer @ 9

    Mar 23 Evening Prayer @ 5.30 Vestry Hour follows.

    Mar 25 Palm Sunday

    Mar 29 Maundy Thursday @  St Bride’s 6.30 tbc

    Mar 30 Good Friday: Stations of the Cross with St Bride’s

    Mar 30 Good Friday Service @ St John’s on Jesus Last Words

    Mar 31

    Apr 1st Easter Morning: Dawn Fire in the Garden followed by Service of Light and Breakfast. Eucharist @ 8.30 + 10.00

    On April 8th, the Sunday after Easter, the Marathon will come down Henrietta Street, St John’s Road, restricting access to the church in the morning, so we are moving our main service to 3pm in the afternoon.  After cheering the runners in the morning, we make connections with the runners by reflecting on Paul’s encouragement for us all to “run the race” looking to Jesus.


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    The Cabaret for Freedom held as part of Manchester Literature Festival and Black History Month was a great success with 350 attending and over £1,000 raised for the support of 'citizenless' refugees (that is those denied leave to stay in the UK, but unable to return 'home') Thanks to all who contributed so generously with talents and 'talents' in the bliblical sense too.

    Vestry Hour: Fridays, 6-7 pm: if you wish to speak with a priest, please call in. Appointment not necessary.

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