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  • Welcome to St John the Evangelist, Old Trafford--an inclusive worshipping community in urban, diverse Manchester.

    Our worship services are listed in the diary below. Please feel free to join us.

    During September at St John's we shall be celebrating Creationtide, beginning on Sun 4 September at 10 am and culminating with our Harvest Festival on Sun 2 October at 10 am. Community Energy Fortnight (Sept 3rd -17th) also falls within Creationtide and we'll be marking that as well. Join us, Sunday by Sunday, at 10 am.

    "September 1 has been adopted as the start of Creationtide. This is the season, running to St Francis day on October 4, when churches and congregations are called to pay special attention to the responsibility of humanity for the Earth and for all that lives upon it.

    While its adoption was in part driven by the complex environmental crises the human race faces, Creationtide draws on much deeper roots in Scripture and in older Christian traditions of the relationship between God, humanity and the created order."

    Meanwhile and still on the theme: this is a long listen, but short of a sermon:



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  • St John’s Church, Ayres Road, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 7GX

    If your enquiry is about a baptism, wedding or funeral, please contact us using the contact details at the About Us tab above, or make use of the Vestry hour--see below.

    Vestry Hour: Fridays, 6-7 pm: if you wish to speak with a priest, please call in.

    Staff details: click on the About Us Tab above.


    Plug in! These photos were taken during our Harvest Festival 2015.