St John's Sunshine Sunshine Grants 2022

Every day the solar PV panels on St John’s Church roof generate electricity that is used to help power the St Johns Centre.

Since 2012, through the St John’s Sunshine’s solar panels, our community has generated 7 mega watts (that’s a lot of boiling kettles!) of renewable energy, made freely available to St John’s Centre, a resource for the whole community, and, since 2018, solar thermal panels installed on the hall roof have also helped to heat water in the Centre’s kitchen and toilets.

The solar PV panels also generate money through the Feed in Tariff. Some of this money is available to local community groups via ‘Sunshine grants’. See the ‘Sunshine grants powering community activities‘ post for examples of how previous Sunshine grants have helped power local community activities.

To celebrate 10 years of generating renewable energy, we are launching a new round of ‘sunshine grants’ for January 2022.

You can download the Sunshine grant details and application form HERE. The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Friday 14th January 2022. So get your thinking caps on!