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An Invitation / Opportunity  / plea for help!


From:  John Hughes, St John’s Church


Re Harvest Festival  with a twist  September 4-6th 2015


Earlier this month, St John’s Church were successful in securing a Voluntary Sector Grant to run a community focused event celebrating local growing / local learning / community energy and community arts. We are doing this in the context of a Harvest Festival at the beginning of September.


Sept 4th FRIDAY EVENING 4-7pm in church

A celebration of local growing and local artist’s work


Sept 5th SATURDAY DAY 10-4 in church

A celebration of local learning and community energy with local musicians

(local growing and growers and local art and artists still present)


Sept 6th SUNDAY 10-12 in church Harvest Festival Thanksgiving and Celebration with gifts brought to be shared with homeless and cash strapped and shared with local people / the Booth Centre /


12-4 A ‘Fair Share’ Feast in St John’s Centre for all the community. All welcome


Festival Concert in Church from 5-9pm Free Music / Art / Drama / Poetry / Mime and Dance and more !