Carols outside the church @ 6
21st December 2020
Carols outside the church @ 6 and a short service inside 6.30-7pm in support of the Amos Trust

The hopes for a political resolution have smoldered and grown cold. The promises of aid to rebuild the ashes of Gaza have proved as worthless as the sand on the shore at Beach Camp. Independent reports and calls for international justice have been denounced as ‚Äúpolitically inexpedient‚ÄĚ. New Year celebrations will be overshadowed by the commemoration of so many deaths.

The Christmas story reminds us that the promises of politicians and the latest round of peace talks are not where hope is found. These are the flashlights that dazzle us, not the slow burn that glows in the darkest places.
The slow realisation that lies will become transparent, that violence will not lead to peace, that human dignity always exerts itself, that beauty appears amidst the wreckage, that our protests are not in vain, that hope is found in the birth of a child in an occupied village. The miraculous daily promise of new life.


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