Activities & Groups

The group meets on most Wednesday mornings, from 10-12. Anyone can come. Cath Wade is our gardening guide. The group often start in St John's Centre where there is a poly tunnel, accessed by the side gate. Cath writes: 

'We operate on some broad principles: 

people come before plants - in practise talking to someone passing by is more important than finishing the weeding.
Growing a wide range of plants so people may see something new, something from their past, get ideas for their own growing, just enjoy the garden changing shape and colour throughout the year.
Grow plants which are easy to share, whether that is propagating them to give to people, flowers that can be picked or fruit, veg and herbs.
Try out plants to see if they are happy in Old Trafford e.g. Kiwi fruit, cape gooseberries,
Work on a very low budget and low maintenance with no power tools so that people can copy what we do without having to spend much.
Work without chemicals and with nature: composting, plants to supply nectar all year, habitats for invertebrates, water butts, plants to encourage the birds, ladybirds and hover flies which will eat the aphids.
Yes you may touch, smell, try, sit on a bench, take a bit home.
Does it work?
Volunteers have been been returning for years, 
people walking past often stop to speak to gardeners: can be a thank you, a memory about a plant, an enquiry about what the buildings are for, a chance to let people know they can go into the church for a look, a request for a plant, a piece of gardening advice, someone in need of a bit of human interaction or wanting to give us some encouragement.
rather than garden being damaged, people bring us plants and equipment, we have plants from and have given plants to local mosques, adults often point out fruit and veg to their children, children enjoy being able to use watering cans'